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the person or persons who rule a country

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Q: Which is the most valid definition for government?
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Is it possible for an operational definition to be valid but not reliable?

Is it possible for an operational definition to be valid but not reliable

Which is the most valid definition of the term revolution?

In a political sense: It means the overthrow by violence of an existing government/monarchy/dictatorship. In a science/phsycis sense: It means one complete 360 degree revolution of an object.

What is the most valid definition of government?

A neutral one! A country's government is the set of politicians and administrators who set that nation's major economic, social and international policies and laws; works for their nation in international bodies like OPEC or UN, and negotiates with governments of other nations.

What is the definition of Valid Experiment?


Does a post dated check comply with the definition of a check and is such a check a valid negotiable instrument?

no it does not complt with the definition of a cheque and its not a valid negotiable instrument

What statement is not a valid description or definition of knowledge?

Information has been uncovered about the Battle of the Little Bighorn

What statement concerning the presidents cabinet is most valid?

it has become part of the united states government by custom and tradition.

Is eiilm university valid for government jobs?

it should be valid as it is ugc recognised.but its a few courses are dec valid .

Is cbhe board is valid?

CBHE is is not a recognized Board from the government and there fore it is not valid to apply job with it.

What is definition of expiration?

The ending of the fixed period for which a contract is valid.

Which is the most valid generalizational about the US Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Marshall?

The most valid generalization is probably that he increased the power of the federal government and subordinated states' rights to federal law.

Is LPU Mtech Integrated Course is valid for government jobs?

Yes it is valid for every job either in government sector or private sector.