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There are actually 5, each was sworn in after the sitting president died or resigned:

1) John Tyler 1841-1845 - after William Henry Harrison died

2) Millard Filmore 1850-1853 - after Zachary Taylor died of Gastroenteritis

3) Andrew Johnson 1865-1869 - after Lincoln was assassinated

4) Chester A. Arthur 1881-1885 - after Garfield was assassinated

5) Gerald Ford 1974-1977 - was Speaker of the House, became VP after VP Spiro Agnew resigned, then President after President Nixon resigned

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President Barack Obama

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Q: Which is the only US president not to use the word you in his inaugural address?
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Which US president was the only one to deliver an inaugural address without using the word you?

Theodore Roosevelt.

Which president gave 3319 word inaugural address from memory without notes?

Franklin Pierce

Teddy Roosevelt was the 1st and only president to deliver an inaugural speech without what word?


Who was the only president to not say the word I in his inaugural?

Theodore Roosevelt I believe, I may be incorrect however.

Is the presidents inaugural speech in the public domain?

In a word: Yes... Of course, which president's inaugural speech being quoted should be named...

What president memorized his entire 3319 word inaugural speech?

Franklin Pierce

How long was George Washingtons first inaugural address?

President William Henry Harrison delivered history's longest inaugural address, a nearly two-hour, 8,445-word speech in the face of an icy wind, without hat or overcoat. Harrison died of pneumonia less than two months later.

Which speech in the Lincoln Memorial has a misspelled word?

In Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, an engraver inadvertently carved the letter ā€œEā€ where he meant to carve an ā€œF" in the word "future." This was corrected by filling in a portion of the carving to revert it to an "F."

What did John F. Kennedy mean in his 1961 inaugural speech by the word forebears?

US president Kennedy used the word 'forebears' in the sense of our ancestors, those who lived before we who live today.

What word describes to do something for the first time?


What does the word inaugural mean?

inaugral menas to initiate.

Where is the typo inside the Lincoln Memorial?

It's on the North wall in the second inaugural address on the "F" of the word, "future." It was engraved as an "E" and the bottom line was filled in. It is visible if you look closely.