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Q: Which is the process by which a society chooses its leaders?
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Who chooses the leaders of congress?

all the people in the congress.

The traditional comic hero chooses to live?

The traditional comic hero chooses to live in society.

Does the executive branch chooses the leaders of both houses of Congress?

No, these houses (Legislative Branch) choose their own leaders.

What type of government makes their own laws and chooses their leaders?

California republic

What is the primary concern of economics?

How society chooses to use its limited resources

Who chose the leaders of Iroquois society?

the women

How are leaders elected in china?

The current government of China is what we would describe as a self-perpetuating oligarchy. New leaders are chosen by existing leaders. The Chinese government is basically a small, select club, which chooses its own new members.

How did inequalities develop in society?

The inequalities did develop in society as a result of the selfish and greedy leaders.

What is a matriarchal society?

A society in which woman are considered the leaders. A peaceful society. (An awesome society.)

Who are the religious leaders?

The Pope, Bishops, Sisters (Nuns) society, Priests and ministers are the religious leaders in christianity.

How has the microscope impacted society today?

The daguerreotype photograph has no effect on society today. The process was used in the 19th century and allows us to see leaders and important events (Lincoln, Civil War, etc.) as they really were. The effect of film photography and digital photography on society would be a very different question.

How do leaders in a democracy take power?

leaders take power in democracy through votes they obtain from the civil society