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the Boston tea party

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Q: Which law was passed by Parliament in 1773 indicating who would rule in Colonial America?
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Law passed by parliament to control colonial trade?

navigation acts

In 1767 parliament passed an act suspendding which colonial legislature?

new york

Identify the chief restrictions placed on colonial trade by the British Parliament when it passed the Navigation Acts?


Who passed a tax colonial newspapers?

Daughters of Liberty

How did the coercive acts lead to colonial unity?

Parliament passed four acts in 1774 aimed specifically at what was seen as the hotbed of rebellion, Boston.

What lesson shows that laws passed in Colonial America increasingly defined social status?


What were homes like in colonial America?

The architecture in colonial America varied somewhat from place to place, and changed as time passed. The first houses tended to be small and were built with timber and thatched roofs.

The lesson shows that laws passed in colonial America increasingly defined social status by what?

Answer this question… Race.

The lesson shows that laws passed in colonial America increasingly defined social status by?

Answer this question… Race.

How did the parliament attempt to reduce the number of colonial smugglers who dodged the tax laws?

In june 1767 parliament passed the Townshend acts, which placed duties on impoerted glass, lead, paints ,paper, and tea

Which laws passed by Parliament stated that all colonial trade had to be done by British merchants and carried on British ships?

navigations act

Why did the colonist feel that the law passed by Parliament violated their rights?

The colonists felt that the tax laws should be passed only by their colonial representation. "No taxation without representation" became a rallying cry of the colonists.