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New laws requiring younger children to go to school

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Q: Which led to more children entering high school?
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In Virginia did the kids have to go to school?

It depends what time period you are speaking of. Let me give you a little time range. 1780s thru 1890s ----> Children only went to the grade the family could afford to send them to. (A poor family wouldn't send their child to college) 1890s thru 2010 ----> Children went to school most of the time, but still some children dropped out of highschool and would find jobs. Message me for more information, I contain within my brain an unsual amount of knowledge.

Which one of the folllowing individuals would be most likely to vote?

People that have graduated from college are more likely to vote compared to just high school graduates. Seniors are also more likely to vote compared to very young adults.

Where did William Penn go to school?

William Bradford was born in 1590 in Austerfield United Kingdom. He was sick often as a child and unable to attend school with other children. His mother taught him reading, writing, and arithmetic at home.

Who started New York City's first Sunday school?

Catherine (Katy) Ferguson (? -1854) was the child of slaves and her mother was taken away from her when she was eight. Also, Catherine later married but lost her two children as infants. In 1793, Katy began holding a Sunday school for local children in her home -- New York City's first Sunday school program. Soon, her Murray Street Sabbath School thrived in in a local pastor's basemen, where Katy had moved her Sunday school to for more space. All in all, Katy cared for a total of 48 children, including 20 whites, from impoverished families and helped place them in good homes that could better meet their needs.

How can America respect the Indians better?

I think we need to realize and admit that we stole the land from the Native Americans. I think we need to learn more about the Native Americans and more should be taught in school to the children than what has previously been taught. They should be given more government help on the reservations as many Native Americans live in poverty and it shouldn't be that way. They have a beautiful culture with great wisdom that we could all learn from. My grandmother was Cherokee and I wasn't taught nearly all I need to know about my Native American ancestors. Especially not in school. I feel as though I've missed out on their teachings and that I should have learned more in school.

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What led more children entering high school?

New laws requiring younger children to go to school.

What led to more children entering high schools?

New laws requiring younger children to go to school.

Is high school musical more for teens than for children or is it the same?

I think HSM is more for teens than for children

Are teens who get pregnant more likely to graduate from high school and college then those who wait?

No. School is hard work and children make it harder.

Is getting a high school diploma a short term goal or a long term goal?

Getting a high school diploma could be a short term goal or a long term goal depending upon where you are in the process. If you have one more month of high school to complete, that is relatively short term. If you are just entering high school and expect to be there for four years, that is long term.

What of the following led to more children entering high school?

New laws requiring younger children to go to school.

What is the difference between high school and junior high school?

Junior high school typically includes grades 7-9 or 7-8, while high school includes grades 9-12 or 10-12. High school often offers a more specialized and advanced curriculum compared to junior high school. In high school, students are closer to adulthood and preparing for college or entering the workforce.

Who is more likely to fall below the poverty line?

Women alone with children with only a high school education or no education.

Why is high school worse than elementary school?

High school is more of a challenge than elementary school, but, high school is much better because you have more freedom.

What days do french schoolchildren go to school?

French children go to school on Mondays-Tuesdays, Wednesdays (morning only until you go to high school), Thursdays and Fridays. In high school there may be classes on Saturday mornings. More and more primary schools run a four-day schedule, meaning that the children have no more class on wednesdays; but as the number of hours in class per year are the same, that means shorter holidays.

What are the different health examination given to every student before he enters school?

Children are given health exams before entering school so that they don't bring sickness to others. They are given vaccines, checked for contagious diseases, and more.

Should I use homeschool software?

School software is very useful especially for children that will soon attend a regular school. For high school student, it is not advisable since the subjects are more complex.