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The level of government that makes the laws in the US is the legislative branch. This branch of government is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Together they form the US Congress.

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Of the three levels of government, which are municipal, state, and federal (actually four levels if we include county government, which falls in between municipal and state) the federal government is supreme, in the sense that it can overrule any lower level of government. Federal Laws apply in every US jurisdiction, and supercede any laws made by lower levels of government.

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the highest

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Q: Which level of government is supreme in the US?
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How many levels are in the federal court system?

Three:Trial level (primarily US District Courts)Appellate level (US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts)Supreme Court (US Supreme Court)

What branch of government have some decisions appealed in US Supreme Court?

Decisions by all three branches of government can be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

What is US Supreme Court part of?

The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial Branch of the United States federal government.

What makes up the juducial branch?

The Judicial Branch of the US government is made of several sections. At the top is the US Supreme Court. After that comes the US Court of Appeals. The next level are the individual district courts.

The US supreme court id found under what branch of government?

The Supreme Court holds the highest jurisdiction in the Judicial Branch of government.

Who leads the judicial branch of the us government?

the supreme court

The document that establish US government branches?

By the Supreme court

Who heads the judicial branch of the US government?

supreme court (A+)

JOhn Marshall was a leader of which instrument of government?

The US Supreme Court- judicial branch

Who do US Supreme Court justices serve?

How long do supreme court justices severe for

Is the US Supreme Court a government corporation?

The US Supreme Court is not a corporation, but the head of the Judicial branch of the United States government. A corporation is a type of business organization, and the term is not applicable in this situation.

Where is the judicial branch held in the US government?

it is held in the supreme court