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In Canada and the United States, driver's licences are regulated by the provincial and state governments. In most of Europe, driver's licensing is run by the central government.

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In the United States, individual states issue driver's licenses per the concept of federalism.

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the state.......also my

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this is about vapo rub not telling me what it is

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its mostly what state your in

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Q: Which level of government issues driver license?
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Which level of government decides how old you have to be to apply for a driver's license?

the state government

Which level of government can issue driver's licenses?

The state DMV issues licenses.

What is the BAC level lowered to for a class A or B commercial driver's license?

The legal BAC limit in California for a class a adult driver's license is? | Unanswered

Which level of government is responsible for issuing drivers license?


Are a motorcycle license and a driver's license the same?

No; most countries require two separate licenses or classes of license to be gained. Some do allow restricted use of motorcycles (for example, a maximum size of engine per license level) while only a driver's license is held, however.

What level of government issues social security cards?

In the United States, they are issued by the federal government.

What issues does the gram panchayat deal with?

Gram Panchayat is a local government that deals with issues at a local level.

What level of government issues north certificate?

There isn't a North certificate.

Does a bus driver loose license after DUI charge?

That will depend on his employer. The state laws for a bus level license may also play a part.

Why is it that US Treasury bonds are not taxable at the state level?

Reciprocity. The states cannot tax federal issues and the federal government cannot tax state issues.

Which level of government issues passports?

would depend on which country you are in. In the United States, passports are issued by the Department of State.

Do you need a permit before a drivers license?

In New York, and most other places in the United States, you need a learner's permit in order to take lessons or drive enough to acquire the skills needed to pass the test for a driver's license. Further, acquiring a driver's license means you have acquired the MINIMUM level of skills necessary to be safe while driving a car.