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Q: Which men both wrote and starred in the 1976 film Rocky?
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Who opposed imperialism by writing satires?

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (MARK TWAIN) was a noted American writer who strongly opposed Imperialism and often wrote satirical texts denouncing both US and European adventures in conquering Asian and African peoples.

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Platowasn't married. He was almost certainly gay (like many Atheniansof his day), since he wrote about the idea that love between men is superior to love between a man and a woman. Many Athenian men had both wives and male lovers, but Plato had no wife.You may be thinking of the wife of Socrates, who was Plato's great teacher. (In fact, the only reason Plato is known today is that he wrote down what Socrates said.) Xanthippewas Socrates' wife. According to one source, she was "well-known as a shrew."

What was the pick axe in the gold rush used for?

During the gold rush of 1849 CE, people used several different mining methods. Pickaxes were used both to break apart and dig in the ground as well as to break apart large stones.Ê

Who wrote the preamble to the Declaration of Independence?

More than one person wrote the Preamble To The Constitution. but i can tell you the people who wrote it. They were;Alexander Hamilton, William Johnson, Rufus King, James Madison, and Governor Morris. if u did not know that than you need some help. cause I'm 13 and just posted it. ^this person is lying only Alexander hamilton wrote it^ yeah both of these people are wrong. Its Gouverneur Morris. they are all wrong it was James Wilson and Benjamin Franklin i am a history teacher at Pacyber and my name is mr.shidamantle if one of my students are reading this i will find out and you will be caught just be smart do not look on websites plese thank you. everone here is lying! first of all, it was Gouverneur Morris second of all, what teacher spells please wrong? SMH y'all all ignorant who wrote it was George Washington DUHHH!! [: Gouverneur Morris wrote the preamble of the constitution summary not the same guy all right. you all need to get this right, it was gouverneur morris!

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Who wrote and starred in the 1976 film Rocky?

Sylvester Stallone both wrote and starred in that picture

Which man both wrote and starred in the 1976 film Rocky?

Sylvester Stallone

What were the names of Rocky's pet turtles in the movie Rocky?

In addition to his fish named "Moby Dick,", boxer Rocky Balboa had two pet turtles. Their names were "Cuff" and "Link." Sylvester Stallone both wrote and starred in the 1976 box-office hit "Rocky."

Who wrote phoenix nights?

Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice all wrote and starred in both series as Brian Potter, Jerry St. Clair and Ray Von respectively.

Who presented crystal maze and rocky horror show?

That was Richard O'Brien. He wrote Rocky Horror, and played Riff Raff in both the original stage play and the movie. He also hosted The Crystal Maze.

Did Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber write 'Never Say Never' before Jaden Smith starred in the movie 'Karate Kid'?

Yes both of them wrote it!

Has Al Pacino ever won an Oscar?

No. He never won. He was nominated for Best Actor and Best Screenplay for Rocky (1976).

Who starred in Caddyshack and Back to School?

Rodney Dangerfield starred in both Caddyshack and Back to School.

Who starred in The Hangover or Valentine's Day?

Bradley Cooper starred in both The Hangover and Valentine's Day.

Are the Moon and the Earth both rocky and dense?

Both are rocky. Both are dense, but Earth is far more dense than the moon is.

Who starred in the movies The Hangover and Valentine's Day?

Bradley Cooper starred in both The Hangover and Valentine's Day.

Who starred in 127 Hours and Milk?

James Franco is the actor who starred in both 127 Hours and Milk.