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Q: Which movement originated among African American musicians in the South?
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When were the blues musicians born?

Blues has originated from jazz by African Americans in the 1950s.

The Harlem Renaissance refers to what?

The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural and artistic movement that took place in the 1920s in the African-American community of Harlem, New York. It celebrated and showcased the talents and achievements of African-American writers, artists, musicians, and performers, and played a significant role in shaping and promoting African-American identity, culture, and pride.

What year did African American artists musicians and writers launch the Harlem renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance began in the 1920s, specifically in the year 1920. This cultural movement in the United States, focused in Harlem, New York City, was a time of great artistic and intellectual achievement for African American artists, musicians, and writers.

What has the author Richard X Donovan written?

Richard X. Donovan has written: 'Black musicians of America' -- subject(s): African American musicians, African Americans, Biography, History and criticism, Music, Musicians 'Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief' 'African-American Scientists'

When was the African American rights movement?

The African-American Civil Rights Movement(1955-1968)

Who was the leader of the African-American Muslim movement?

The leader of the African-American Muslim movement was Elijah Muhammad.

African American musicians from 1980-1990?

that is (introducing Michael Jackson

What has the author Thomas J Hennessey written?

Thomas J. Hennessey has written: 'From jazz to swing' -- subject(s): African American jazz musicians, African American musicians, History and criticism, Jazz

What has the author Ruth Reese written?

Ruth Reese has written: 'Min vei' -- subject(s): Biography, African American musicians, Afro-American musicians

Is flamenco a form of African American music?

Flamenco is Spanish, not African American. It originated from Andalusia, which is in Southern-Spain.

The Harlem Renaissance was an important cultural outpouring in which African-American writers did what?

The Harlem Renaissance was a significant cultural movement in the early 20th century where African-American writers, artists, and musicians showcased their talents. They explored themes of identity, race, and discrimination through their work, contributing to a rich and diverse body of literature that celebrated African-American culture.

What has the author Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins written?

Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins has written: 'Betye Saar' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'The portrayal of the black musician in American art' -- subject(s): African American musicians, African American musicians in art, American Art, Art, American, Exhibitions, Portraits