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Most of them, France, Italy, Germany

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Q: Which nation does not have English as a national language?
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Is Nigeria a nation with a national language or does it use a lingua franca?

English is the official language of Nigeria, and it also functions as a lingua franca. Nigeria has no national language.

What is the cayman islands national language?

English but in caymanian style

Does Australia have English as a national language?

Yes, English is a national language in Australia. It has no official language.

Where English is the main language in the south American nation?

English is the main language in Guyana, which is a South American nation located on the northeastern coast of the continent.

English language in the Multil -Language nation?

Tully Andy

What language is paro nacional from?

Paro nacional comes from the language of Spanish. It translates to "national strike" in English meaning the coming of a nation to boycott something they want changed in their country.

What Romes national language?

Rome isn't a nation, however its official language is, of course, Italian

How did English become the national language of the US?

The United States does not have an "official" or "national" language. MrV The de facto language of the US is English.

How do you say our nation in abaluya language?

The English words 'our nation' is said as "eshialo shiefuu" in Abaluhya language.

What is the difference between an official language and a national language?

An official language is a language that has been declared by a government to be the language of the governed nation. A national language is a language that is spoken by the majority of the people within a nation.

Why is English the language of the us?

English is the predominant language in the US due to historical reasons stemming from the colonization of North America by the English. Over time, English became the primary language for communication, government, and commerce in the US. Additionally, the establishment of the United States as an independent nation further solidified English as the national language.

What is Tasmanias language?

English is the language of Tasmania, as it is part of the country of Australia where English is the national official language.