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The United States. The bicameral Congress is made up of the House and Senate.

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Q: Which nation does not have a one-house dominant legislature?
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What term refers to a onehouse legislatures?


What nation has a unicameral legislature known as the Knesset?


What is the national legislature?

A National Legislature is part of a government that makes and passes laws that have jurisdiction over the certain nation.

This Nation dominated slave trade?

The British were the dominant nation of the slave trade.

Was Russia the last nation to establish an elected legislature?

Yes, Russia did not have an elected legislature until 1906. Spain set one up as a result of the 1848 revolution. Italy formed a legislature when it unified in 1861 and Serbia when it became an independent nation in 1878.

What nation states was not one of the dominant power of Eastern Europe?

Chile was not one of the dominant powers.

Which nation Emerged stronger after the thirty year war?

France emerged from the Thirty Years' War as the dominant European nation. The Holy Roman Empire had lost its control of the nation.

Which section of the nation was economically dominant after the Civil War?

the north

Who Does not have a two house legislature?

Nebraska's legislature is unique among all state legislatures in the nation because it has a single-house system. it is called unicameral.

What role does a legislature play in a communist political system?

Generally speaking the legislature of a communist nation is a one party communist legislature. The real political power in a communist country lies in the party's leadership people.

What nation gives its president to suspend rights and dissolve legislature?

st. Vincent and the grenadines

What nation calls the two houses of its legislature house of commons and house of lords?