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A diamond

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Q: Which natural-substance on earth is the hardest?
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What is the hardest mater on Earth?

The hardest matter on earth is Diamond.

Is quarts the hardest mineral on earth?

Diamond is the hardest mineral on earth.

Is diamond the hardest thing on earth?

yes diomand is the hardest thing on earth

Which rock on earth is the hardest?

The diamond is the hardest rock (or mineral).

Is a diamond the hardest object?

Yes, diamond is the hardest mineral on earth.

Hardest thing on Earth?

Love is often considered the hardest thing on Earth, as it requires vulnerability, sacrifice, and understanding to truly connect with another person on a deep emotional level.

What is the hardest stubstance on earth?

Diamond ( an allotrope of carbon) is the hardest material known.

What is the second hardest natural substance on earth?

The second hardest natural substance on earth is moissanite, which is a mineral composed of silicon carbide. Only diamond, which is made of pure carbon, is harder than moissanite.

Which nature-substance is the hardest?

Diamond. a very hard material that is the hardest substance ever, or at least discover to be the hardest substance on EARTH THAT IS

What is the hardest element in alchemy?

Earth would have to be the hardest of the Aristotelean Elements as it is the only solid one.

What is the hardest natural rock on Earth?


What is the most hardest rock on earth?