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Free elections Separation of powers

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The traits include free elections and often a separation of powers between the executive and legislative functions.

In the US, Congress and the President are elected separately. In other democracies, the executive, e.g. prime minister, is chosen from the elected legislators.

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Q: Which of the following are traits of a representative democracy?
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The US adopted all of the following political ideals from the Romans?

representative democracy representative democracy

How do you spell Representative democracy?

That is the correct spelling of "representative democracy."

Does the US have a direct democracy or a representative democracy?

Representative. We vote for people to represent us.

What democracy do you have?

representative democracy

What are the three types of Representative democracy?

what are the three types of representative democracy

A government based on a representative democracy is called a?

A republic is also called a representative democracy.

Who is the representative democracy?

Representative democracy is a democracy where the people choose a representative to represent them in the government. This representative will then vote for the things the people he represents want.

How is a direct democracy different from a representative democracy and how are they alike?

In a direct democracy the people act as decision makers on all major issues. This can be at the national level or the village level. Everything of importance is voted on by all of the people. In a representative democracy the people vote on representatives who act on their behalf either leading on issues or following the feelings of the people. There are problems with both approaches. A direct democracy must rely on someone to properly phrase the issue before the community. This phrasing is very important and people will not agree on the wording. A representative democracy suffers from the problem of the representatives following their own insights and intuition on topics versus voting for the precieved will of the people. Most units of government operate under some form of representative democracy.

What is the difference is a democracy different from a Representative democracy?

Citizens elect leaders who vote on the issues in a representative democracy, and citizens vote on the issues in a direct democracy. A representative democracy is modern, and a direct democracy is ancient. A representative democracy works better in large groups, and a direct democracy works better in small groups. Citizens' desires are ignored in a representative democracy, and citizens' desires have a better chance of being heard in a direct democracy

Is a president of the US is elected by the electoral college a monarchy dictatorship olygarchypure democracy representative democracy?

representative democracy

What is a represntive democracy?

a representative democracy is where there is a leader to look after the country. some countries that are with representative democracy's are The phillippienes, Australia, ISA, UK, Canada and Germany.

What type of democracy governs the United states?

The United States is a Representative Democracy.