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Richard Nixon's election in 1968

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Q: Which of the following best indicated the downfall of the New Deal Coalition?
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What happened to the New Deal coalition during the post World War 2 decades and What supplanted the New Deal coalition and why?

hah I bet you have Mr. Wilkinson

Who broke up the new deal coalition?


The public works authority was part of what?

The Public Works Authority was a part of the New Deal Coalition. The New Deal Coalition was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

How was the New Deal coalition broken up?

The New Deal coalition was broken up by Presidential Election of 1968. Divisiveness in the Democrat Party led to a resurgence in Republican popularity.

What group elected their democratic member of congress under the new deal coalition?

African Americans

How did Franklin D Roosevelt's new deal coalition affect African-Americans Voting patterns?

how did franklin d Roosevelt new deal coalition affect African voting patterns

Did the New Deal Coalition break down during the 1960s?

Yes it did.

Who were least likely to be a part of new deal coalition?

farm laborers

The Public Works Authority was a part of the .?

national industrial recovery act

Which important political event led to the New Deal Coalition?

Great Depression

Which political group became a sizable majority in congress due to the support of the new deal coalition?

Liberal Democrats. The New Deal programs of FDR created a liberal political alliance made up of labor unions, blacks and other ethnic and religious minorities, intellectuals, the poor, and some farmers. These groups became the backbone of the Democratic Party for decades following the Depression.

What effect did the new deal coalition have on voting trends?

African Americans began to vote Democratic