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Some names for the form of government ruled by the rich or powerful might include, a plutocracy (rule by the wealthy), an oligarchy (rule by the wealthy, connected, educated, royalty), or maybe an aristocracy (rule by a small class of privileged).

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An Oligarchy

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Q: Which of the following describes a government in which only a small group of wealthy people have power?
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What describes a government in which only a small group of wealthy people have power?


What is the system of government where a few wealthy people hold power over the larger group?

Oligarchy is government by the few. Plutocracy is government by the wealthy few.

Government for the people by the people describes a system of government in which people are?


Which of the following describes the main idea of the passage That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government?

A government that does not protect people's rights should be overthrown. :)

Type of government controlled by a few wealthy people?

An oligarchy is a government controlled by a small group of wealthy landowners and corporate leaders.

What following best describes the concept of limited government?

No government is all powerful; a government can only do what the people give it the power to do -just learned about the 6 principles of our constitution in government! hope that helps

Which government tries to prevent the creation of really wealthy people and really poor people?

the chinese government and most other communistical countries

Which one of the following best describes volcanism in the Andes Mountains of South America?

When the following information is not given people will not be able to know which describes the volcanism. The information on what the following is should be included.

What government is it when all the laws and decisions are made ny a group of wealthy people?


In the Roman Empire the wealthy citizens were called?

Wealthy people of Rome were called Patricians. American Government class? Me too. Tcarver6

What best describes the form of government called democracy?

The authority to govern comes from the people. A+

What describes a government that is subject to the will of the people?

A democracy?