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Q: Which of the following good is provided by the us government rather than by individuals?
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What goods is provided by the U.S. government rather than by individuals food. roads steel or computers?

Of those choices, roads would be the correct answer. Groups of individuals grow food, make steel, and produce computers. However, except for private roads, the local government builds those. They may contract it out to companies, but the local government is responsible for the roads.

Which social structure allows the government rather than individuals to own and control industries?


How did aqueducts help the government?

The aqueducts helped the population of Roman town rather than the government. It was a public service, rather than something to help the government. It provided clean, fresh waters to the population of the towns.

Which of the following duty is reserved only for the federal government rather than state government?

executing foreign policy

Which form of government is power controlled by a select few individuals rather than the citizens?

It is called an oligarchy.

What is an capitalist country?

A capitalist country is one in which the firms are run by private individuals rather than the government.

What Social Structure Allows The Government Rather Than Individuals To Own And Control Industries?

Socialism (APEX)

Which of the following duties is reserved onl The federal government rather than state governments?

Executing foreign policy

Which of the following duties is reserved only for the federal government rather than state governments?

executing foreign policy

Why did Hoover help businesses rather than individuals?

He believed that by helping business, he was also helping individuals.

What does Private sources mean?

Private sources refer to funds or resources that come from individuals, businesses, or organizations rather than from government or public entities. These sources often include donations, investments, or grants from private individuals or entities to support various initiatives or projects.

Why do sociologists focus on groups rather than on individuals?