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The need to search for higher truth. apex

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Q: Which of the following is not a reason people form governments?
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What reason do people form government?

People form governments for many different reasons. These people form governments so that they can be more powerful and stand up for their rights for example.

For what reason do people form the government?

people form governments because it is an esstianl part of socity without a sysytem to govern everything will be in kahos

Why do people form. Governments?

People form governments to keep everyone in order. For example if you make up a law, if you have no government you will not be able to get the law passed on because you need governments authorization. That is why people form governments.people form that because the want to

Consent of the people means?

governments and laws derive their legitimacy form the consent of the people.

Why were governments established among men?

Governments were established among men to bring law and order. People need some form of leadership and this how governments came into being.

What types of governments did europeans create?

In the medieval ages, most governments were monarchies. As we got more into modern times however, the people revolted and set up their own form of governments.

What do we call the belief that people form governments to protect their natural rights?

Contract theory

What do you call the belief that people form governments to protect their natural rights?

contract theory TeTe!! <3

In which form of government do the people give their consent to be presided over the central government which controls the local governments?


Why was the division of land in the northwest territory into township needed?

form local governments- apex hope this helps ladies and gents

The political theory that people form governments for their mutual protection and that government rules only with the consent of those people is known as?

social contract theory

How was the form of democracy in ancient Greece different from our current democratic government?

The Greeks believed that people could use their minds and reason to choose and run good governments.