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The national government represents all states.

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Q: Which of the following is true about the power of the Constitution?
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Which of the following is true about the Federalists?

They supported ratification of the Constitution and opposed a bill of rights.

True or FalsePresident Abraham Lincoln had the power to free slaves in Southern states, as given to him in the Constitution?


The power of congress are found in article 1 section 8 of the constitution?


Which of the following not true about using a diswashing machine?

This is not true - the machine will work with out power

True or false does the constitution does not delegate to the congress power to tax?


The preamble to the US Constitution states that the government's power comes from the people?


Is the power granted by the constitution to the federal government is called delegated powers?


The Constitution grants the executive branch the sole power to negotiate treaties?


Which of the following is not a reason why the Federalists supported the Constitution?

The national government would have absolute power.

Which of the following statements is generally true of the framers of the constitution?

they believed in the supremacy of the executive branch of the federal government

What statements are not true regarding the government's power to tax?

the power to tax is unlimited but must be used in accordance with the provisions in the constitution A+

Article you, Section 8 of the Constitution is the basis for all power exercised by the national government?