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A judge in a state court

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Q: Which of the following jobs tends to have the highest prestige?
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What are the top paying jobs in government?

The top paying jobs in the government is Astronomer, Attorney and Financial Manager. These are the top three highest paying jobs. They all make over $100,000 a year.

Which pf the following allowed more young women to get office jobs?

-The typewriter! Apex:)

What are all of the following are jobs of the historian EXCEPT?

Your teacher is asking for a written answer to this statement. We don’t write items for students and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

What factors determined social class in the spanish colonies?

Peninsulares were people originally born in the actual country of Spain but then they came to the colonies to settle. They had the highest positions to work. They usually obtained jobs as government and church officials. Creoles were the second highest class, the were considered the middle class. These people, unlike peninsulares were born not in Spain, but in the spanish colonies. They also had high jobs but never as high as penninsulares. They usually served as merchants, businessmen and sometimes farmers. Mestizos were the second to last class. They were born as a mix of Indian and Spanish parents. These were mostly in jobs of peasantry and farming. Last, Mulattoes were the lowest of the low. These people had a mix of wither spanish and African parents or Indian and African parents. As you can see, the African blood was vry undesirable to the Spaniards.

Which of the following were major domestic issues facing the Truman administration after World War 2?

millions of troops needing jobs labor unions going on strike another major economic depression

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What business administration program specialty would earn the highest pay?

Some of the highest paying jobs would be involved in transportation such as a pilot. You can check more high paying jobs at the following site.

What are some of the highest paying jobs?

Some of the most highest paying jobs include the following: Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Pharmacist, Electrician, Programmer, Pilot, Manager, Software Developer and Technician.

What job had the highest social class?

Historically, jobs such as nobility, royalty, and high-ranking government officials held the highest social class. These positions often came with power, privilege, and prestige that set them apart from the general population.

What are the two highest paying jobs for women?

two highest paying jobs are being a lawyer and a president

Urbanization tends to occur as a result of industrialization This is because?

people moved to the cities for jobs.

What are the highest paying jobs in the healthcare field?

One of the highest is anesthesiologist

What jobs have the highest death rate?

Logging has the highest death rate.

What jobs are highest in demand?


What are the causes of occupational mobility of labor?

1. Differences in wage in different occupations. Most often, workers want to work in where their earning will be higher enough to meet their day day expenditure 2. The level of prestige and honour in different jobs. Some jobs are associated with more respect, honour and prestige and workers normally prefer to work in such jobs

What are the highest paying jobs in the world?


What are the highest paying dangerous jobs?


What are the highest paying jobs in Tourism?