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Probably the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne

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Q: Which of the following most affected the course and outcome of World War 1?
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What were the effects of Pearl Harbor on other nations?

Because this was the main reason for the US entry in WW2, and the American entry in the war was significant for the course and outcome, it affected the entire world.

How did NC affect the outcome of World War 2?

North Carolina affected the outcome of WW2 by purchacing tons of federal stamps and by training troops.

Which if the following had the greatest impact on the outcome of world war 1?

Zeppelins bro

When Japan entered World War 2 what did they do which affected the outcome of the war?

A tactical victory. A strategic defeat; they attacked Pearl Harbor.

3 ways technology affected the outcome of the 2nd world war?

New weaponry, troop-disabling gases, and powerful tanks.

What German weapon affected the US and changed the course of World War 1?


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Did Zeppelins have an effect on the course and the outcome of World War 1?

yeah yeah yeah zeppelins are a good out come and weapon yeah yeah yeah

Which of the following was an outcome of World War 1?

The Bolshevik Revolution The collapse of the Ottoman Empire The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Big G (APEX)

Did weapons influence the outcome of World War 1?

It impacted outcome of the "Great War" because it killed many innocent people who were just following their countries orders and they were just defending their own nation from being invaded by their enemies.

What is one major outcome of the English fleet and the Spanish Armada battle?

The most obvious outcome was that England was not invaded by the Spanish and went on to become the most prominent sea-faring nation in the world over the following 200 years.

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He showed all the world why it was wrong to be treated lowly.That is why he was assasinated.If you see this answer, post it on yahoo to this following email: