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There really aren't alot of options here. The best thing we could do is be careful of the treaties we sign. Sometimes the treaties require us to produce a better car for import than the country we are importing to requires of there own manufacturers. Case in point. I bought a car in Japan that I wanted to ship back to the states but was unable to because it didn't meet the same standards that they shipped here for sale.

The rest has to do with some poorly thought out press. Foreign manufacturers pay their workers less but ask competitve prices here in America. With the money they save they can afford to add a little eyecatching bling. Next I hear people say that we don't produce cars people want to buy. Yet, the number 1 vehicle sold in America is the light truck and if that is not what people want why is Toyota and Nissan scrambling to make larger trucks and SUV's. Last is the quality issue. Somewhere we have lost our pride. We believe that virtually anyone else can do it better and some Americans have actually come to believe that.

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By increasing the prices of foreign manufactured automobiles and limiting their availability, the U.S. would make U.S. manufactured automobiles more appealing to U.S. consumers.

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The power to tax.

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Q: Which of the following powers could Congress use to help protect American car makers from foreign competition?
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