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post dated check

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Q: Which of the following types of taxes is not levied by Texas state government?
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What type of government did Texas establish?

Texas state government is establish to be a

The following payroll taxes is not withheld from an employees wages because it is not levied on the employee?

State disability insurance

Which case basically outlawed state taxes being levied on federal government?

McCulloch vs Maryland

What is sales tax and why it is paid?

sale tax is a tax on sale of goods it is levied for the revenue purpose to the state government

What was the first state government in Texas called?

The Republic of Texas.

Do you capitalize G in Texas State Government?

The "Texas State Government" is a noun, and it is proper to capitalize it. Just as you would capitalize the name of a person.

What are the Essentials elements of taxes?

The essential element of a tax is a contribution to the state revenue levied by the government. Taxes are used to support government ran programs, government buildings, and to pay incomes of government workers.

Which of the following is a natural gas producing state?


Who of the following is responsible for formulating educational policy?

a state government

Is the governor of Texas a member of one of the three branches of the federal government?

No. However he is a member of one of the the three branches of state government of Texas.........the executive branch for the state.

What taxes will be levied at the state and local level?

State Governments

Does Texas government have more or less power?

The Texas government has the same amount of federal power that any other state enjoys.