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Q: Which of these countries does not have a coalition government?
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Which of these countries does not have coalition government?

It's one of these..Italy:France:United States Of America:Germany:

Is the coalition government holland known as orange coalition government?

No. Ukraine government is said to be orange coalition government

Who can be chosen as prime minister?

Different countries have different systems. Usually it is the leader of the largest party in the country's parliament, if they can form a government. In the case of a coalition, it is usually the leader of the largest of the coaliton parties.

When was Abolish Self Government Coalition created?

Abolish Self Government Coalition was created in 1989.

When did Abolish Self Government Coalition end?

Abolish Self Government Coalition ended in 1995.

When did Britain last have a coalition government?

The last time Britain had a coalition government was in 1598 under Henry the 8th.

What form of government does Nepal now have?

coalition government

Why does Ireland favor a coalition government?

It is not a case that Ireland favours a coalition government, but that the elections often result in them. There are a number of main political parties in Ireland, not just two as in many countries. The electoral system is a proportional representation system. As this is the case, it is hard for one party to get an overall majority in a general election. The result of that is that there are often coalition governments in Ireland.

What is a government by two or more parties called?

The government by two or more parties are called a coalition government. Like today David Cameron (Conservative) is in a Coalition with Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats). Hope this helps

Who forms the UK government?

The government of the United Kingdom is formed by the largest party or coalition in the House of Commons. Presently a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government is the UK government.

What has the author Subhendu Ranjan Raj written?

Subhendu Ranjan Raj has written: 'Coalition politics in India' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Coalition governments 'Coalition politics in India' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Coalition governments

What government was in power in Britain during ww11?

A coalition government