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Constitutional Convention

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Q: Which of these events occurred last Declaration of Independence Constitutional Convention Annapolis meeting Meratification of the Articles of Confederationetingtionnce?
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Which man wrote the Declaration of Independence's was not at the constitutional convention?

which man wrote the declaration of independence's was not at the constitutional convention

What was passed four years after the constitutional convention ensuring individual rights?

Declaration of Independence Bill of Rights not the Declaration of Independence.

What convention did the colonists write the declaration of independence?

The Constitutional Convention

What happened first the constitutional army surprise bit of shoes at church on Christmas or did the Declaration of Independence is?

The Declaration is before the colonial army ( it is not the "constitutional army". No declaration no need for a army.

What did the US use as a basis for government before the declaration of independence?

Before the Declaration of Independence, the Colonies were subjects of the British Crown, a constitutional monarchy.

The Declaration of Sentiments written in 1848 primarily based its arguments on which fundamental constitutional principles?

the Declaration of Independence

Who made the term founding fathers?

the Declaration of Independence (who signed the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776) and the Framers of the Constitution (who were delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Identify the proper chronological order of these events?

Constitutional Convention Declaration of Independence

Which of these events occurred last Constitutional Convention ratification of the Articles of Confederation Declaration of Independence Annapolis Meeting?

Constitutional Convention

Which of these event occured first Annapolis meeting declaration of independence ratification of the articles of confederation constitutional convention?

Constitutional Convention

Was the declaration of independence signed in the same place as the constitutional convention was held?

yes at the bottom

How did Rodger Sherman help the constitutional convention succeed?

he did it by helping draft the declaration of independence