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: Connecticut

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Q: Which of these four states has the higher population?
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How many people in the portland or area have masters degrees?

There is no specific number readily available for the exact count of individuals in the Portland, OR area with master's degrees. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 16.2% of adults in the Portland metropolitan area hold a master's degree or higher as of the latest data available.

Population territory sovereignty and government are the four defining characteristics of what?


Why does NJ get 15 electoral votes?

Because they have larger population then States like Alaska and Wyoming and a smaller population then States like New York and California. The higher the population, the more Congress and Senate members and thus the higher number of electoral votes.

What has a greater population Quebec or Ontario?

No Ontario is close to the United States and Quebec is higher

What percentage of the world's population believes in a higher power?

It is estimated that approximately 68% to 88% of the world's population believes in one of the four largest religions, all of which believe in a higher power of sorts.

What percentage of the Alaska population has a bachelor's degree?

According to the United States Census, 27.3% of Alaska's population have a bachelor's degree or higher.

How many OTHER STATE have more people living in them?

All states have people living with in them. The amount of people is determined by the size of the state's population. Larger states have a higher population and smaller states have lower populations.

Percentage of KY population with a bachelor's degree?

According to the United States Census Bureau, 19.3 % of Kentucky's population has a bachelor's degree or higher.

What is the population of Bloomburg Texas located in the United States of America?

The population of Bloomburg, Texas located in the United States of America was reported to be at 402 in the year 2011. Overall this area has seen an increase in population, so the current population may now be higher.

What are the four characteristics that all states share?

All states share four important characteristices. These characteristics are population, territory, sovereignty, and government. Although all of these things would be different within the state, all states have these characteristics.

Does northern Mexico have a higher native Indian population than southern Mexico?

On the contrary; most Native American population resides on the southern states of Mexico.

Total population and percentage of population who has earned a Bachelor degree?

I can tell you within the United States, according to the US Census Bureau 2010, 27.2% of the US population has a bachelor's degree or higher.