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A king decides to declare war on a neighboring country without the input of any advisers.

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Q: Which of these is most similar to the Aztec political system?
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What was the most popular urban center of the Aztec culture?

The capital city of Tenochtitlan was the most popular urban center of the Aztec culture. It was located in present-day Mexico City and served as the political, economic, and religious center of the Aztec civilization. Tenochtitlan was known for its elaborate architecture, bustling markets, and intricate canal system.

What is the most perfect calendar system?

the Aztec calendar is the most perfect in the world

Was Aztec ruled by a government?

Yes, the Aztec civilization was ruled by a government. They had a complex political system with an emperor at the top who held both political and religious authority. Below the emperor were various other government officials and aristocrats who helped to administer the empire.

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Yes They do, for eveidence go to wikipedia .com and type in; how many political parties does europe have?

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Political parties are similar to the federal in various ways. The most common similarity is in the operations and administrative issues. The political party leader is runs the party as a federal government is run by the President.

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Which contributed most of the fall of the Aztec empire?

Conflict with SpainDiscontent among Aztec peoplediscontent with aztec people