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. This is homework and we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. We also don’t have the list.

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an apartment if you're on A+

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Q: Which of these items is not considered to be a want?
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Which of these items is not considered by economists to be a needa mealsheltera coata book?

Which of these items is not considered by economists to be a need? a meal shelter a coat a book

What is it called to exchange items for items you want?

its called trade

What are fat soluble items?

the Vitamins A,D,E,K are considered to be fat soluble items.

What is considered battery?

several items working together

Is Discontinued operations are considered nonoperating items?


Select all items that are considered as mm?

- Deleted answer -

How do you clone items on Maplestory?

You cannot, it is considered hacking.

In Fallout New Vegas can you take items from a fraction you do not have a good reputation with or is it considered stealing because karma is lost when taking said items?

It's considered stealing.

What type of items are considered electric?

Items considered to be electric require some sort of electricity in order for the items to work. These products can range from TVs, stereos, computers - anything that runs from a battery or is required to be plugged in to run correctly.

What Physical items like building and machinery are considered what kind of capital?

They are considered as fixed assets.

How do you get rare items on clubpenguin?

Rare items on clubpenguin are old items so if you have any old items put those on and they would be considered rare From the Clubpenguin penguin zeldakid

How long does it take for a bag to become vintage?

Items are generally considered vintage if they are 20 or more years old. Currently, items that are considered vintage are ones that were from the 1990s or older.