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Republican Party

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Q: Which of these parties NOT related to the populist party?
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How did the populist party differ from other political parties of the time?

The Populist party was formed for largely social purposes and women were welcomed, unlike the established parties at the time.

Which party is not related to the Populist Party?

republic party

The Populist Party and the Greenback Party are considered to be what type of third party?

Both the Greenback and Populist parties are Economic Protest parties. The Greenback party (1874-1889) was anti-monopoly, former agrarian party that attempted a farmer-labor coalition and the Populist Party (1887-1908) which was hostile toward the elite, banks, railroads and promoted a radical agrarian ideology.

Was the populist successful?

The Populist movement was not successful. They ran a third party candidate for president in 1892 and lost. However, it was the most successful of the third parties.

Did the populist party have a cantidate in the 2004 election?

No. See related question.

Which item was part of the Populist Party's platform?

they were won through the efforts of other political parties at a later time

True or false many of the reform ideas of the populist party would be embraced by other parties in American politics?


What has the author Alex Mathews Arnett written?

Alex Mathews Arnett has written: 'The Populist movement in Georgia' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Populist Party, Populist Party (Ga.), Populist party. Georgia, Populist Party (Georgia)

A symbol of the populist party?

The symbol of the Populist Party is a blue bell.

What party issued the Omaha platform?

The Populist Party (also known as the People's party)

What party is the populist party similar to?

There are a few populist that is similar to political platforms. The main populist would be farmers.

This political party turned the American two-party system into a three-party system?

the populist party