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Janaka. Amazing as it may seem, Lakshmana did plan to raise arms on Dasaratha, Bharata, and Parshurama. Even though Dasaratha was his father, Lakshmana was enraged at him when Rama resolved to go into exile, blaming him for acting unjustly with his son because of a woman. When Rama was in exile, Bharata had come to meet him and persuade him to come home. However, Lakshmana thought he wanted to kill Rama and was about raise arms against him. As for Parshurama, that was right after Shri Rama won the hand of Sita by breaking the great bow of Shri Shiva. The sage Parshurama was enraged because of the broken bow and threatened to kill Shri Rama, and so Lakshmana almost fought him. In all cases, even though it was because he was enraged on account of Shri Rama, it was Rama himself who made him calm down and think rationally. Thanks for playing.

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Q: Which of these people did Lakshmana never threaten to raise arm against?
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