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Secretary of the United Nations

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united nations leader

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Q: Which of these positions is not a Presidential cabinet post?
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Who are in the 15 presidential cabinet positions?

Who are in the 15 presidential cabinet positions?

Number of positions in presidential cabinet?

There are 15 positions.

Who approves the President's selection for Cabinet positions?

It is the United States Senate that either approves or rejects Presidential nominees for cabinet positions. The Secretary of State is an example of a cabinet position.

What presidential cabinet positions existed during Washington's presidency?

he wanted a bicht

What presidential offices did Thomas Jefferson hold?

There is only one presidential office, that of President. But I believe he held cabinet positions, which are appointed by the president.

What is the purpose of the Presidential cabinet?

The presidential cabinet helps to advise the president on what to do. There are currently 15 members of the cabinet.

What is a Cabinet post?

A cabinet post is a position in a cabinet, such as the President is head of his cabinet

What were the four original cabinet positions?

There is are no such positions universally. Cabinet positions are created if needed or as are politically correct or prudent.

The president appoints acabinet to assist in carrying out the presidential power of?

The President of the United States appoints Cabinet members to assist in the carrying out of the Presidential power of day to day operations in the White House. Members of the Cabinet in managerial positions have to be approved by Congress.

How many Cabinet positions are there?

there are 15 positions

There are 10 federal cabinet positions?

there are 15 positions

Does India have a presidential cabinet?


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