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all of the above are correct

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Q: Which of these was made possible by railroad?
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What advance made a network of railroad lines possible?

The invention of the standard gauge made a network of railroad lines possible.

Which advance made a network of railroad lines possible?

Standard gauge

Which railroad made it possible to provide a new source of transportation at a rate that was virtually unheard of in the US?

ur mother rides the railroad

What factors did Germany possess that made industrialization possible there?

The workforce in Germany is what made the industrialization in Germany possible. Another factor was the railroad system that was in Germany.

What was completed in 1869 and made it possible for goods and people to get across the US in a week?

Transcontinental Railroad

What are some technological innovations that made the global domination of the west possible?

The Trans-Continental Railroad

Why was the construction of the transcontinental railroad successful-?

The telegraph line helped significantly and the railroad was very successful due to the fact that it had three lines. Land grants made the custruslction of new telegraph linea and the railroad possible.

What two things made it possible for the West to be settled so quickly?

Transcontinental Railroad Homestead Act

The invention of what type of railroad car made it possible for California to ship its products around the nation and to become the nation's?


Why were the railroads important?

The U.S. Transcontinental Railroad was important because it joined the East Coast with the West Coast. It made it possible for thousands of people to immigrate to the West and settle the frontier. It made it possible to ship raw materials to factories in the East and products to communities in the West. The importance of the railroad overall was that it was a safe means of mass transportation for products and people throughout the world. It made commerce between distant locations possible. In short, the railroad made the world a smaller place.

What does a railroad grader do?

made and monitored slopes in railroad tracks.

What invention in the 19th century made it possible for fresh meat to be shipped long distances?

refidgerated railroad cars! goodluck on study island