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the government should guarantee a basic standard of living for everyone

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Q: Which ofthe following statements is not key idea of capitalism?
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Which of the following statements was a key idea expressed by soccialists?

The question is incomplete. No options are given (for which of the following) to answer the question.

The idea of popular sovereignty is most related to which of the following statements from the preamble of the US Constitution?

"We the People of the United States"

Who provided central idea of capitalism?

Adam Smith

Is Karl Marx bad in the history?

no! because he developed the idea of capitalism and lightened the mind of all the people about the capitalism

Three of the following are basic ideas of Marxism. Which is NOT?

The four basic ideas of Marxism are historical materialism, the theory of surplus value, dialectical materialism, and the prediction of the eventual overthrow of capitalism by the working class. The idea of promoting economic competition is not a basic idea of Marxism; rather, Marxism critiques capitalism for promoting competition at the expense of the working class.

Which idea was NOT a part of the agriculture of most native American?


What is The idea that people rule the market?


What is capitalism like?

Capitalism is an economic idea where the people work for the people, not the government. Individuals own businesses, land, and goods. Capitalism has flourished because individuals are working for their own good - they have money to strive for. The opposite of capitalism is communism. An example of a country who uses capitalism is the USA.

Why do you think the idea of the penitentiary first caught on in the US?

Capitalism and racism

Why can't capitalism be regulated without killing it?

Capitalism is a principle based upon the idea of free markets. it is believed in theory that any regulation by government or other parties ruins the idea of free market and economy.

Which statement best describes the main idea of the Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

Read the question you are mindlessly copying before posting it here. There are no "following statements."

What is the idea that people own their own property and work for their own profit?