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Department of the Treasury

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Q: Which organization is responsible for handling the finances of the Federal Government?
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The is responsible for handling U.S. foreign aid programs?

the U.S. agency for international developmet

Why was the 1884 petition by Louis riel made?

The government was taking the food, the metis and natives were unhappy about the government's way of land handling. Therefore they had to make a petition to get the rights back. But the petition was ignored later on

What makes rights handled on a case by case basis different?

SInce you don't tell me what method of handling rights you wish me to compare handling them on a case by case basis to, I cannot tell you what makes it different from any other method. What I can note is that handling rights on a case by case basis means handling each case alone, on its own merits.

Why bureaucracy is necessary?

It is a system of administration based on a division of labour to smaller departments for more efficient handling. The delegation of such labour is necessary in any modern civilization for any government to function in the best possible manner by using specific knowledge and skills to best advantsge

Progressives generally believed government should not interfere with big business?

Not true. Recall that the Sherman Anti Trust act restricted big businesses from forming monopolies. Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were perhaps some of the most important figures of the Progressive movement, and they both were in favor of government regulation of big business precisely because they were progressives. Furthermore, legislation was being passed that required standards in proper handling of food. In doing so, the government was telling businesses that their products must be made under proper conditions or they will be shut down.

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What government organization handles the funds for the medicare program?

The Social Security administration is responsible for collecting and handling the funds.

Who is the Roman praetor?

Praetors:Important government officials in ancient Rome.

What branch of the government is responsible for overseeing property taxes?

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is responsible for handling all tax related situations.

What are some ways to ensure financial compliance for my public sector organization?

Offering a financial compliance training to your companies employees is the best solution to handling finances properly. Make sure your employees have access to a software that helps manage and control your companies finances is in the best efficient and secure means available.

What did the treasury department do?

Any treasury department is usually involved in handling the finances in the organization. They come up with budget strategies, investment plans, and organize overall spending.

Limitations of grievance handling in a organization?

limitations of grievance

What type of subject is high school accounting?

It's a Business subject. But in a broader range, it is subject about handling your finances.

What is the main purpose of data governance?

The main purpose of data governance is to create a process of handling data within an organization that assures data is high quality, and that people can be held responsible for issues that arise from altering or creating data that negatively affects the organization.

What should you be student council treasurer or secretary?

As the student council treasurer, you would be responsible for managing finances, creating budgets, and keeping track of expenses. As the secretary, you would be responsible for taking meeting minutes, organizing communication, and handling administrative tasks. Choose based on your strengths and interests in either financial management or organizational skills.

Which section of responsible for handling claims related to property damage injuries or fatalities at the incident?

is responsible for handling claims related to property damage, injuries or other fatalities at the incident


Which Section is responsible for handling claims related to property damage

Who is responsible for firearms safety?

The people responsible for fire arms safety are the people who are handling the fire arms.