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Henry clay.

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U sure
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Q: Which other candidate agreed to help Adams become president?
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Was John Adams was the only Federalist candidate to ever become president?


How Did John Adams Become Vice President What Made The People Want Him As A President And A Vice President?

In 1825 the candidate with the greatest number of electoral votes would become president and the candidate with the next - highest number would become vice president.

Which president was the federalists candidate to succeed George Washington?

John Adams ran as a Federalist and won to become the next president after Washington.

What was the federalist candidate for president in 1800?

The incumbent president, John Adams, was the Federalist candidate in 1800.

Who was the federalist candidate for president in1800?

President John Adams

Who was the federalist candidate for president in 1796?

John Adams and Thomas Pinckney

First elected vice president to president?

When George Washington become president, John Adams become the first vice president.John Adams becomes the second president.

Who was the first son to become a president?

The first person to become president that had a father who was also president was John Quincy Adams. Adams was the sixth president of the United States.

What year did become John Adams president?

John Adams became president in March of 1797.

What president only son of a president to become president?

John Adams

Did John Adams' vice president become president after him?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson became the 3rd President after John Adams.

How was the vice president elected when Adams was in office?

At that time the candidate who got the second highest vote count for President became Vide President.