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The institution of ombudsman was designed for this purpose.

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The House of Representatives

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The House of Representatives :)

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Q: Which part of the Government was instituted to respond most directly to the will of the people?
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How does the government mould and build the country?

The government doesn't mold a country, but the people do within the country. Governments are instituted to serve the people not the other way around. A government is only as good as its citizens.

How did the government respond to the floods?

The government had responded by rescuing the people more likely at risk from the floods.

What is true of a presidential government but not a parliamentary government?

the head of government is directly elected by people

How did Chinese government respond to political criticism?

they arrested people who disagreed with the goverment

What effects did senator McCarthy and McCarthyism have on American society?

He instituted fear for the Reds, and created more distrust for the government by the people.

Why does the government respond first to a hurricane?

It is the government's responsibility to protect the people. Also, the government generally has the most resources to help with recovery and repairs.

What were Hover's philosophy of government?

government shouldn't help the people directly; the economy is a cycle.

The principle of limited government means the power of the government comes directly from the people?


In the U.S. which of these people is directly in charge of the government of a city?


How do the people participate in Tongan government?

The Tongan government is a constitutional monarchy. The people directly elect 17 of 26 representatives.

Why don't people who like or even love you respond directly to you or practically ignore you times?

Because people aren't robots; they aren't compelled to respond to the same situation in exactly the same way in every case.

What is the system of government in which people participate directly in decision makeing?