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Congress shares power in this field with the President.

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Q: Which parts of the National Government share the power in the field of foreign affairs?
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What is government as an academic field of study?

According to AMADINZE OSINACHI JOHNDAVIS, there are many reasons why the study of government(also known as political science)is an academic field of study. Contact us on +2348032474683 for details

Three characteristics of effective government leaders include?

keep a government strong and active has be a successful in the entertainment field act as a final point of authority

What are the Concepts of public administration?

Meaning Public administration can be broadly described as the development, implementation andstudy of branches of government policy. It is the management of affairs of the government at all levels --- national, state, local. It is a branch of the wider field of administration dealing with machinery & procedures of government activities. It is thesystematic ordering of affairs & the calculated use of resources aimed at making desiredthings happen.Public administration is carried out by public servantswho work in public departmentsand agencies, at all levels of government, and perform a wide range of tasks. Publicadministrators collect and analyze data (statistics), monitor budgets,draftlegislation, develop policy, and executelegallymandated government activities. Publicadministrators serve in many roles: ranging from "front-line" positions serving the public(e.g., peace officers, parole officers, border guards); administrators (e.g., auditors); analysts (e.g., policy analysts); and managers and executives of government branches andagencies.

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A federating unit in the field of Politics and Government is the constituent unit of a federation, which is a form of government with division of powers between a common central government and small constituent federating units called states, cantons etc.

Are criminal defense lawyers part of the government?

One will find that criminal defense lawyers to be part of the government as the field they work in can be classified as 'Legal', they deal with the crimes, victims, and criminals guilty of crimes. Criminal defense lawyers work very closely with the government, since the government is responsible for the crimes of the country.

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Which parts of the national government the power in the field of foreign affairs?

Congress shares power in this field with the President.

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