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john Locke and/or Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Q: Which political philosopher influenced the ideas of liberalism?
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Which political philosopher influenced the ideas of liberalism as an american core value?

John Locke

What political ideas influenced the American revolution?

the political ideas that influenced the revolution was that they ( patriots or loyalists) wanted to be independent.

Who in the U'S didn't adopt all of the political ideas from the Romans?

No one in the US adopted all of the political ideas of the Romans. The fathers were inspired by the Roman Republic, but did not adopt the ideas of this republic because this political system applied to an ancient society, which was totally different. They were strongly influenced by Montesquieu, am 18th century French philosopher , rather than the Roman political system.

What political ideas influenced the American colonists?

being free

How was Simon Bolivar was influenced by Enlightenment ideas that promoted?

Political Freedom

How was Simon bolivar influenced by enlightenment ideas that promoted .?

Political Freedom

What greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson political ideas?

the enlightenment

How did most European monarchies respond to ideas on liberalism?

They added liberal ideas to their governments

Why do you think the protections of rights was so important to Jefferson's ideas about the government?

Thomas Jefferson believed that one of the primary functions of government was to protect the rights of the people. Jefferson was significantly influenced by the ideas of john Locke, an English philosopher.

What Enlightenment ideas influenced colonists?

The Enlightenment was a major influence on the political ideas of the colonists who pushed for independence from Great Britain

What are the four main theories of Confucius' thought?

The four main theories of Confucius were an are truthfulness loyalty learning and moderation in drinking and eating. Confucius is a China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist whose ideas have influenced the civilization of east Asia.

Who is the Composer of the age of enlightenment whose political ideas influenced the french revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau