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which president had the first two initals of U.S?

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Ulysses S. Grant was the one.

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Q: Which president's first two initals were US?
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Which presidents initals were US?

Ulysses S Grant is the one.

Who were the first two US presidents?

George Washington and John Adams were the first two US presidents.

Which presidents first two initails were US?

Ulysses S.

Who were the first two presidents of the US?

George Washington, and John Adams.

What is us president Johnson's first name?

The US has had two presidents Johnson. Their first names were Andrew and Lyndon.

How many US presidents have the first name Franklin?

2 there are two Presidents. President Franklin Pierce and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Two US presidents had the first name Thomas?

The two US presidents with the first name Thomas are Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

Who was The first president the be impeached?

Andrew Johnson was the first of the two US presidents to be impeached, in 1868. The other was Bill Clinton. Neither one was convicted.

Who were the two britainers presidents?

There is no such term as "britainers" presidents. If you are referring to the British Prime Ministers, Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were two notable British Prime Ministers.

Who were the first two American faces to appear on US coins that were not presidents?

ben franklin Patrick Henry

Which political party was the first to appear in the new US?

The political party that was first to appear in the new US was The Federalist Party. The first two US presidents, Washington and Adams were federalists.

What are the initals for Oregon?

The US Postal Service recognizes OR for the state of Oregon.