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Q: Which president's mother forced him where a dress until he was 5 years old?
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What US Presidents have or had ADHD?

This disorder was unnamed and not diagnosed until recently, but I can not see any indication that any of the US Presidents suffered from it.

What message of the presidents is prescribed by the constitution?

The state of the union address (or report) to Congress is required from time to time by the Constitution. Until Woodrow Wilson, the Presidents delivered their state of the union reports in writing,

Who were the presidents before the American Revolution?

Since there was no America before the revolution there was no presidents; but during the revolution John Hancock was the president of the Continental Congress, which was in charge until the war was over and a new government could be set up.

In the period from 1789 until 1877 what where the signs that the US had developed a stable constitutional democracy?

In the period from 1789 until 1877 what where the signs that the US had developed a stable constitutional democracy

How many men have served as US vice president?

Through Joseph Biden (January 20, 2009), there have been 47 men who served as Vice President of the US, all but two of them elected to the position. The first 3 Vice Presidents were actually "runners-up" for President, until the 12th Amendment was ratified in 1804.Two Vice Presidents, George Clinton and John C. Calhoun, served under 2 presidents, but several Presidents had more than 1 Vice President. Four Vice Presidents who succeeded to the office had no Vice President of their own (Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Arthur).Both Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockfeller were appointed under the terms of the 25th Amendment.

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How many dead presidents are there?

39 presidents are dead 39 presidents are dead

What presidents spoke out for freedom from Brittany?

There were no presidents until 1789 well after the colonies separating from the king.

What if your black codes African-American children found to be vagrant were often?

Apex - forced into convict labor until they were adults

Which presidents 2 presidents did not live at the White House?

The federal government did not move to Washington until after Washington and Adams. The White House was not built until Jefferson's term.

How long do children of presidents get secret service protection?

Children of former presidents get Secret Service protection until age 16.

Under black codes African American children found to be vagrant were often?

Forced into convict labour until they were adults

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What US Presidents have or had ADHD?

This disorder was unnamed and not diagnosed until recently, but I can not see any indication that any of the US Presidents suffered from it.

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