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Nicholas Biddle emerged as the first U.S. czar in 1832. Czar Nicholas, as he was known, directed the second bank of the United States.

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Q: Which president appointed first czar
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How many Czars in Clinton administration?

Many people want to downplay the number of Czars that Bush appointed, due to the controversy being created over President Obama's use of Czars. Actually, Bush used many Czars! Here is a partial list of the czars that he appointed during his administration: Cyber Security Czar Regulatory Czar AIDS Czar Bird Flu Czar Intelligence Czar Health IT Czar Katrina Czar Manufacturing Czar Drug Czar Domestic Policy Czar War Czar Copyright Czar Abstinence Czar Mine Safety Czar Latin American Czar WTO Czar Corruption Czar Privacy Czar Sudan Czar and Health Czar, to name more than a few.

How many us presidents appointed czar?

Every president has... I think. You should go to wikipedia and look at there list.

When do you turn back the clocks 2009 US?

Ask Obama's Time Czar,He is responsible to the President with a report of that proposed date, of course, he has yet to be appointed, as it first must be classified as a Crisis, then we get the Czar, then he advises the Secretary of Time (oops, don't have that one yet) who then will advise the President of the proposed date, when he passes muster with the Senate. gpguru

Who is the president really?

John hanson was really the first president .He was the first APPOINTED president. Not elected so do when someone says he was the first president always remember thet he was appointed

Was Henderson the first appointed president?

NO is was Washington

Who was appointed first vice president?

John Adams was elected to be the first vice president of the US.

What associate justice was appointed by President Obama?

President Obama has appointed two associate justices. In 2009, he appointed Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina on the Supreme Court. And in 2010, he appointed Elena Kagan.

What is the legal status of Obama's Czars?

The term "czar" is often used informally to refer to policy advisors or administrators appointed by the president. These positions do not have an inherent legal status, but are created and appointed by the president. However, the authority and powers of czars may vary depending on the specific role and responsibilities assigned to them.

Did Ronald Reagan create the office of the drug czar?

My answer is no. "drug czar" is not an official title. Under Richard Nixon various drug enforcement agencies were consolidated under one head, who might be called the first drug czar. I think the term "drug czar" was first widely used after Bush became president.

Who was the first president who appointed a woman to his cabnet?

Franklin Roosevelt

How many czars does Obama have in office?

I heard on Glenn Beck's website so far there are atleast 16-18 but dont completely take my word on it he can be a little sarcastic. Either way Obama has the most appointed czars than any administration. Try 43...and counting.

When A judge who shares a president's views when first appointed may change views when making decisions on the bench why?

a judge who shares a president's views when first appointed may change views when making decisions on the bench? why?