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Many presidents are guilty of having broken the law. For example, Obama has smoked cannabis and Bush has taken cocaine.

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ullysses s grant was arrested for speeding in a horse drawn buggy while in office

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Q: Which president broke the law
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Can a president be impeached for anything military related?

No, it would have to be that it was proven he broke the law.

What law did Obama broke?

He might be close to violating the War Powers Act, in Libya. Other than that, the President hasn't broken any laws.

What happened if you broke the law in Shakespeare's lifetime?

About the same as nowadays. You could be fined, imprisoned or executed, depending on the law you broke.

How did the middle ages react to individuals who broke the law?

In the middle ages, if an individual broke the law, they could be tortured and excommunicated.

Did Aphrodite break a law?

yes aphrodite broke a law

What happened if women broke the law?

The law does not discriminate between the sexes

Which president broke with this tradition?

Franklin Roosevelt

When move to Florida can Maryland laws touch you?

Nope, unless you live in Florida, but broke the law in Maryland, or broke the Maryland law and then moved.

If the president approves a law is it official?

Yes, If the president approves a law, then it is then a true law.

Who broke the salt law?

mahatma gandhi

Can a US president be arrested after he has left office?

Yes. But not for anything he did in office. He would have to commit a crime outside of being president for him to be arrested. But george bush should not be arrested anyway. Yes. He can be arrested just as anyone else if he broke the law.

What happens when the president signs a bill?

The president signs a bill after the legisilative branch approves it. The president (executive branch) enforces or carries out a law ( or bill. )