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  1. Bill Clinton's was the president who changed his last name. When Bill was old enough to enter school, he had his last name legally changed from Blythe to Clinton.
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Currently? Obama. Full name : Barack Hussein Obama II

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which president?

do you mean obama?

His name is Barack Obama

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Q: Which president changed there last name?
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Was President Ford's name changed?

Although he was never formally adopted by his mother's second husband, he started using his stepfather's last name. In 1935 he legally changed his last name himself to Ford.

What did alois hitler change his last name to?

He changed his name to Hitler, before that his last name was Schicklgruber.

What was the last President's name?

George Bush was the last President.

Was President Obama's name ever changed?

No- his name was never changed. He went by Barry in high school.

What are all the last names of Barack Obama?

He has no other last names. He was born as Barack Obama, he has lived all his life as Barack Obama (although in high school, he wanted to be called "Barry," he never legally changed his name). There are many internet myths about the president, but his name has never changed, nor did his step-father ever adopt him and change his last name.

What President's last name is part of a dessert?

President Franklin Pierce has the word PIE in his last name. He was the 14th president of the United States.

What is president wilsons last name?

Wilson is his last name, his first was Woodrow. Therefore President (Woodrow)Wilson.

The last name of the 28th president?

The last name of the 28th president of the United States was Wilson.

What was the last name of the US President in 2002?

The last name of the US President in 2002 was George W. Bush.

President with last name that starts with p?

Frankin Pierce has a last name that starts with P.

What was the last name of Lincolns successor?

president abraham last name was linocln

What president has five letters in first name and nine letters in the last name second letter in last name is an x?

There is no president who meets your criteria.