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abrahaam Lincoln

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Q: Which president gave 140 differand speeches in 30 days?
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Who was the President in 1896 who gave speeches from front porch?

William McKinley

How many speeches did he give?

It would be very difficult to determine the number of speeches John F. Kennedy gave. He likely gave thousands of speeches while a senator and president.

How many speeches did martin Luther king give?

He gave 6 speeches of something that is called character counts

What is the speech givin by president Abraham Lincoln l?

President Lincoln gave many speeches, probably the most famous of which is known as the Gettysburg address.

What does Abraham Lincoln was the giant among presidents?

Abraham Lincoln was giant among all the president because he did so much for people, for example he helped stop slavery. Furthermore, he gave out speeches that touched people. from his speeches, he became the 16th president

Who was a freed slave who gave speeches in the north?

Frederick Douglass was a freed slave who gave speeches in the north.

How many speeches did Malcolm X give?

he had a total of 24 speeches

Did John F. Kennedy give more than 2 speeches?

It is obviously true that jfk gave more than two speeches , but there are some main speeches that he gave. :)

What speeches did Lincoln give in 1860?

Lincoln gave speeches to stop slaveryin6180

When did Lincoln give his speeches?

Lincoln gave a variety of speeches between 1838 and 1865.

Why is Sojourner Truth important?

she was slave who then gave Famous Speeches that people listened to

Who gave famous speeches?

jimmy saville