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wiliam howard Taff

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William Howard Taft

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Q: Which president had a cabbage thrown at him while he made a speech?
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Was William Harrison the first president to do something?

He was the first president to die while in office. He caught pneumonia after giving his inaugural speech and died a month later.

What else can you use to flavor a cabbage dish?

Cabbage is delicious, all by itself. However, raw cabbage is great as a salad, with either a mayonnaise based dressing or oil and vinegar, or cooked with savory spices like caraway or cumin. Cabbage also goes well with spiced meats, like beef brisket or sausage.

Can you eat cabbage while taking synthroid?


How long does it take to steam cabbage?

The times for steaming cabbage may vary, depending on the amount of cabbage you cook. For example; 2 pounds of cabbage has to be cooked for 45 minutes. While 9oz of cabbage would only need to be cooked for 10 to 20 minutes.

What is the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce?

Lettuce has more water to the leaf, while cabbage is firm. They are also two totally distinct plant species (Lactuca - lettuce and Brassica - cabbage)

Who was the President that had a mild case of smallpox while delivering a famous speech?

Abraham Lincoln had the beginning stages of small pox when delivering the Gettysburg address.

Did Ronald Reagan attend Oscars while president?

I do not think he attended in person, but he made a pre-recorded speech that was shown at one of the presentation ceremonies.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was originally proposed by President Kennedy?

True, Kennedy had called for it in his civil rights speech in 1963 but he was assassinated that year while it was still being debated by Congress and so it wasn't until LBJ was president that it eventually passed.

Which president died when he did a speach?

No US president died while he was making a speech. You may have been thinking of Theodore Roosevelt , who was hit by a bullet just before making a speech. He was running for another term as a third party candidate at the time. The bullet was deflected by the contents of his pockets and did not seriously hurt him.

Thrown and throne?

thrown is the past participle of throw, while throne is the royal chair the king sits on.

What the freak is this purple stuff in my salad?

More than likely, it is probably red cabbage. While it is called "red cabbage," it is actually purple when raw.

How does the president decide whether or not to give a state of the union speech?

Giving a State of the Union speech (more commonly called an 'address') is not optional. The president is expected to do it. In fact, the Constitution says a president must do it. Although the Constitution does not spell out when or even how (it can be written and sent over, or delivered in person as a speech to congress), it does say a president must provide the congress with a report, informing them of how the country is progressing under his leadership. So, this has become an annual event for every president. Some presidents have decided to deliver it as a formal speech, while others just sent it as a written report. In the past 70 years or so, delivering it in person as a formal speech (or address) has become the custom-- which is how George Washington did it at the very beginning of our country.