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President William Henry Harrison

He died two weeks after his inauguration because he gave a long speech during January, a cold month, with no coat, and no hat, he contracted pneumonia, and died.

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it was about 2 hours long, 35 pages, and it was William Henry Harrison in 1841. he had the longest inaugural speech and the shortest term of office.

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Q: Which president had a speech 3 hours long then died the next month?
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Which president caught pneumonia during his long inagural speech and died one month later?

William Henry Harrison

Was William Harrison the first president to do something?

He was the first president to die while in office. He caught pneumonia after giving his inaugural speech and died a month later.

In what month has no president died?

The only month of the year in which no U.S. President to date has died is May.

What president has the longest inauguration ceremony?

William Henry Harrison had the longest inauguration in history. He stood out in front of the Capitol building for two hours giving a speech in the pouring rain without an overcoat, gloves, or had. He died a month later of pneumonia as a result.

What president gave the longest inaugural address in American history and he died a month after giving the speech in wet frigid weather?

It was President William Henry Harrison in 1841.

Has any president died in the month of may?

No. May is the only month in which no Presidents died.

Which president died in a week?

== Harrison died in a month == William Henry Harrison was the ninth president of the United States, and the first president to die in office, one month after becoming President. No American president died after just one week in office.

What president died after a month he was elected?


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First president to die in office?

William Henry Harrison, in 1841. He fell ill after giving a long inaugural speech in bad weather and died a month later.hey

Which elected President gave the longest inauguration speech at 8443 words This person also died a month later due to a severe cold?

William Henry Harrison, 1841. The first President to die in office.