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g.h.w.bush, a.k.a. prez. #41, a.k.a. "papa bush", was head of c.i.a. in 1970's. does, or rather did, that qualify him as "nation's #1 spy"?

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Q: Which president had been the nations 1 spy?
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Who serves as president of the United states Senate?

The vice president, and as of 1/25/2010 it is Joe Biden

Who can run for president in the Republican Party?

The US Constitution places these qualifications on a candidate for President: 1. Must be at least 35 years of age. 2. Must be a natural born US Citizen. Actually, the Constitution does NOT place any restrictions on who may RUN for President. The Constitution does, however, place restrictions on who may SERVE as President. A person who is 33 years old, for example, could run for President and be elected President. That person, however, could not actually serve as President until their 35th Birthday. The Vice-President (assuming the Vice-President qualifies as President) would serve then served as ACTING PRESIDENT until the President-Elect attains the age of 35 years. This is covered in the 20th Amendment. The Constitution also restricts from SERVING as President: 1. Anyone who has previously been elected to the Office of President twice 2. Anyone who has previously been elected to the Office of President once AND served more than half of the term for which someone else was elected. An example of this would be a Vice-President taking over for a President who has died or otherwise been removed from office.

What three groups make up the executive branch?

The three groups of executive include: 1. The president 2. The cabinet 3. The civil service

What are three reasons that a vice president have go on to become a president?

1. The president passes away. 2. The president is convicted of abuse of power and is removed from office or he/she is removed because he/she had done a high crime, like theft. 3. The president is impeached by 2/3 vote in Congress.

Who is the head of the Executive branch of the US government?

The President is the chief executive of the United States government.(The current President is Barrack Obama.)

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