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Q: Which president has raised taxes the most?
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Were taxes raised in the 1920s?

They were raised in most countries.

How much has Obama raised taxes?

Actually, most objective sources say he has cut taxes, especially for small businesses and working families. His political opponents claim he raised taxes on everyone, but there is not much evidence to support this claim. In late 2011, the fact-checking site said President Obama's assertion that he had lowered taxes for the middle class was true.

Why were the nobles espieically unhappy with john in 1215?

he raised taxes

What president raised the debt ceiling most?

The President cannot raise the debt ceiling. It is set by Congress.

What will happen if President Obama raises your taxes even more?

This question assumes that President Obama has raised your taxes a lot already. But this is political rhetoric from his opponents, and it is not entirely accurate. The facts are that he has given a number of tax cuts, especially to middle-class and working families. And there is no evidence he has plans to "raise your taxes even more."

How was the money raised in Vietnam war?


What is the taxation?

The revenue (money) raised by taxes

Name on reason that Parliament raised taxes?

Parliament raised taxes to get money because England was in debt for helping the colonists win the French and Indian war.

Who was the people who raised the taxes at the revolutionary war?

The British

How can taxes and subsidies effect in supply?

Taxes can decrease the supply when they are raised and increase the supply when they are lowered. Subsidies, on the other hand, can raise the supply when raised and lower the supply when they are lowered.

What did the colonists want after the king raised taxes?

Low taxes, no taxes, or freedom from Britain. A good book or revolutionary website will have more details.

How did British efforts to raise taxes on colonies sparked protect?

When the British raised taxes on tea and stamps, people were outraged becausr they could not afford it. Just like if taxes were raised today. Thus, they started to pretest and tar and feather.