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John Q. Adams had the lowest percentage of popular vote in 1824 with 30.9%. Second lowest President in the popular vote category was Abraham Lincoln in 1860 with 39.8%.

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Q: Which president only won thirty-two percent of the popular vote?
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Only president to be elected twice without 50 percent of the popular vote?

George W. Bush was the only president elected to two terms with less than 50 percent of the popular vote.

Who was the only president to receiver over 50 percent of the popular vote and still lose the election?

Off the top of my head, you're probably referring to Al Gore? But I think there were others early in the nation's history...

Has a president even been elected by popular vote only?

George Washington

What type of education must a president have?

He does not have to have any education. he only needs to be popular.

George Washington remains the only president to receive what percent of the electoral vote?


Who was the only person to become president without a single popular vote?

Dennis Rodman

Was the only president to ever receive 100 percent of the votes from the Electoral College?

George Washington

How many presidents have been elected unanimously?

No US president was elected unanimously by popular vote. The only president elected unanimously by the electoral college was George Washington (There was no popular vote in this election).

George Washington slogan?

George Washington did not have a slogan. He is the only president to receive 100 percent of the electoral votes. In fact, he received 100 percent twice.

Woodrow Wilson was sometimes referred to as a minority president because?

he received less than 50% of the popular votes cast in the 1912 elections

What two presidents won the popular vote but were not elected?

Andrew Jackson was the only man who won the popular vote without being elected and later was elected president. Samuel Tilden and Al Gore won the popular vote but never became president.

Can the president vote?

Yes, but only as a civillian with the popular vote. so like you and i he has only a small infulece ove the Electoral Collages decisions.....