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Q: Which president promoted more respect for the flag than any other president?
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What president showed more respect to the flag than any other president?

Richard Nixon-- he resigned when he was found to be in the wrong

What did Obama say about he and Michelle attending a flag burning ceremony.?

This is an internet myth. The Obamas never attended a flag burning ceremony, nor would they attend such an event, since they love and respect the flag. I enclose a link that debunks this and other related myths about the president and the flag.

Has Barack Obama attended flag burnings?

No, there is no evidence of it. Both the president and first lady love this country, respect the flag, and would never attend such an event.

How do you not show respect to a flag?

You do not show respect to a flag by not doing the pledge of allegiance and throwing the flag on the ground.

Why is it important for a cadet to know how to respect the flag?

if a cadet does not respect his flag, he is unlikly to be respected.......

Does the president and his wife hate the American flag?

Assuming you are referring to the US flag as opposed to some other American flag, certainly not the President and the First Lady of the United States

Why should you respect your country's flag?

You should show respect for your country's flag because it is your country's highest and most recognizable symbol, and the way you treat it is representative of your attitude towards your country. Obviously is you have no respect for your country, traditions, culture and history, you have no reason to show any special respect for your flag over any other piece of cloth, but if you have respect for your country, treating the flag appropriately is a manifestation of that. Flag etiquette varies somewhat from country to country, but the basics are that the flag should not touch the ground, should be kept in good repair, flown the right way up, and flown at the same height as all other national flags.

What is three thing one should never do out of respect to the flag?

be nice to the flag and respect it and charice it

How do you respect your national flag?

We usually put a flag out.

What is patriotism respect and resposibility in?

Respect tghe flag

What is Barack Obama's stance on the American flag?

The president has always shown respect to the flag. There are many internet myths that say he won't salute the flag, but these claims are false. You can easily find photos or videos online showing him saluting the flag, and he has always done so.

Should students be excused from saluting the American flag?

It's probably unconstitutional to require students to "salute" (in whatever sense) the American flag in the first place, and even if it's not, a coerced display of respect really isn't a display of respect at all. So, in short, yes. Part of the much vaunted freedom that the flag stands for is the freedom to choose not to respect it. And if another student takes note of who chooses not to respect the flag, and bases their vote for class president or whatever on that... well, remember that "it's a free country" means precisely that.