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Q: Which president was part of the Waergate?
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What was the esult of the waergate scandal on Richard Nixons presidency?

Nixon had to resign the presidency and Ford became president.

Are the President and the Vice President part of the legislative branch?

No, they are part of the Executive Branch.

Is vice president one word?

No. Vice is one part and president is the other part.

Who is part of executive?

It consists of the President the Vice president

True or false the president is part of the legislative branch?

That is a false statement. The President is part of the executive branch.

The president is part of what branch of government?

The President is chief executive officer of the Executive Branch.

Was John Kennedy the president of the US or a small part of it?

John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States from 1961-1963 (he was assassinated). There is no partial president or president of just part of the US.

What is the president branch of government?

The president is part of the executive branch.

What Part of the executive branch?

The President, the Vice President, and the Cabinent.

What branch of government is the president?

The president is part of the executive branch.

Is the president and vice president a part of the legislative branch?

The President is not, though he has veto power. Whether the Vice President is or not is a contentious issue. Previous Vice President Dick Cheney, for instance, argued that as President of the Senate he was part of both the executive and legislative branches.

Is the president part of the executive branch?

yes and so is the vice president